Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A baby's room on a budget...

As many of you know my husband and I will be having our very fist little one in December... and we just found out it's a girl!!! Now that the gender is straightened out (hopefully) it's time to start turning one of our bedrooms (which serves as my fabric/craft overflow storage room - guestroom) into our little one's living quarters.

This is going to be a chore considering we have very little storage in our home AND we are working on a very low budget. We also need a place for occasional visitors to sleep. So... I'd thought I'd share with you the progress we make and maybe pass on to you some money saving tips and bargains (I know we all could use them these days).

I also thought I'd share with you some 'before' photos... I notice that 'designers' tend to only blog about how perfect their house is/looks... and we all know that they MUST have a room (or space) somewhere that looks like this:

the 'before's'

Now that you've seen my 'clutter room' I invite you to stop on by the blog every so often and see the progress I make on the room...

I'm off to shop for cribs!!! Going to check out Target, Ikea and Big Lots today... I'll let you know what I find :)



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Anonymous said...

I'll look forward to seeing your progress -- how fun and exciting! :)