Thursday, October 23, 2008

A deal, dude.

I'm trying out a new selling site (one with no fees) and I need your help!
I am offering my postcards super cheap so that I can try out the interfacing... Check it out! (you pay through paypal like normal, you just don't need an Etsy account to do so). Thanks!

Click Here



Interview Time!

I just finished filling out an interview for a blog called 'the downtown boutique' and was thinking 'Maybe I should share the answers with my blog readers'. There's some interesting stuff you might now know about me :)

1. Where did you get your start in "crafting"?
I've always been involved in designing and making things... When I discovered Etsy I nurtured those ideas and brought more of them to life.

2. What is your favorite medium to use in your crafting?
I love the camera. In college I wanted to go into film. It took my love of photography to a whole new level. The choreography of images, sound, and motion allowed for so many possibilities to tell a story.

3. What is your best-selling item?
My Alone in the City Series Prints. They are inspired by the time in my life I lived in London. The experiences I had while living and working there make up a huge part of who I am. I think these pieces really connect to that.

4. What do you do aside from selling on Etsy?
I don't do much outside of Etsy at the moment. I pick up a few side projects here and there but I’ve been lucky to of had some great opportunities selling on and off of Etsy.

5. If you suddenly came into a million tax-free dollars, what would you do with it?
I know I should say 'Give it to charity' but... I'd love a house on the beach?! Who doesn't right?

6. What's the inspiration behind your work?
A lot of my inspiration comes from my travels and from my studies. I studied Sociology, Art and Film Studies in college (I couldn't’t make up my mind) and always was interested in different cultures.

7. Please share three random facts about yourself.
Here we go:
1) I spent almost 15 years of my life playing Volleyball. I actually know Misty May really well and competed against her a lot growing up. Our high schools competed against each other in the California State Volleyball Championships. (she won of course).
2) My college mascot was an Anteater. Zot Zot Zot! (that’s the sound and Anteater makes apparently)
3) My business name comes from Bob Marley’s middle name. Only close friends and family know this… Shhhhhh!

This blog will be featured tomorrow :)

I hope all is well! I'll leave you with one of my new photos from NestaUsa.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A shop to spend Olive your money!

Every once in awhile I get to chat with fellow etsy sellers and get to know a little about them... It's really such a friendly community and getting to know people sometimes helps you get through your day.

I got to talking to Fallon one day who owns the Etsy shop Olive. We instantly bonded over the often unbearable summers we both have living in the desert. Not too many people know what it feels like to live 3 months in over 100 degree temperatures. It's not for everyone :)

Anyhow - I wanted to share with you some of the items in her shop! These would make excellet Christmas gifts!!! (if any family or friends are reading remember my birthday is coming up - hint, hint).

Perfect for those who love to travel.

A classic!

So go spend 'Olive' your money there :) (I know - so corny)


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Did you get it yet?

The email newsletter that is?

My computer suffered a mini-virus (ironically at the same time I suffered a food poisening virus) that deleted some of my newsletter sign-up list... If you haven't received the newsletter you probably got deleted. Please don't take it personal... :)

Just sign up in that box to the upper right and email me your mailing address (for the free goodies) to :

Now, back to my huge serving of french fries!!! (I always crave Mc Donalds after I have stomach issues)... Strange. But so gooood.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


How's everyone doing???

I know a lot of us are hurting with the economy being out of control... I, for one, am totally stressed! I just have to keep remembering that in times like these, something really RAD is usually around the corner.

Like maybe even in the mailbox?

I snatched up a ring like this one as treat for myself for $10:

Here's the link to 3Fun's beautiful Etsy shop:

Because sometimes when you feel like crap you just need to feel pretty again.

I hope that you all are finding good ways of coping :)