Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Photo added today...

I just finished this piece: 'Memories of an Island'.

This is a print of a digital college made from photos taken of French Polynesian dancers (in Bora, Bora).

The original images used in this collage were shot at night with a long exposure, giving the sense of motion and then combined to show the activities of the entire dance.

Here's the link for the item : Shop Listing

Monday, April 14, 2008

Bringing Paradise Home - a design series...

Less than a year ago my husband and I honeymooned in the beautiful French Polynesia...

It was a dream come true to say the least... Instead of having an over-the-top wedding we decided to have an over-the-top honeymoon.

While we were there I promised myself that when I got back I would start painting more, take more photos, and surround myself with motivation... For me that meant bringing the Polynesia style into my home as a constant reminder of beauty and inspiration.

So - in the next few weeks I will be taking a look at Polynesian design and easy ways to bring that natural beauty into your home.
A perfect project for Spring and Summer!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My favorite creation... for now!

After days, weeks, hours of working with polymer clay I think I finally found something I can make out of it... And I made some pretty crappy stuff :) But I was soooo determined! (I splurged and bought a chunk of it last week)... shhhh.

They look soooooo great hanging from a tree!!!

Here's the link for them in my shop for more pics...

Garden Art no.1

and they can twist around branches too!!!!

Summer - looking forward to you...

I forgot to add Baseball, the Suns winning the NBA championships, cannonballs, Ribs, potato salad, more to come...

Feel free to add on!

Good Times Are Ahead...

It's been a rough Spring to say the least... I HATE stressing about money, work, bills, etc. And that all seems to come to a head around Tax Time.

But, I have this REALLY strong suspicion that something great is around the corner. You ever feel that way? They say that 'Hope' and 'Fear' are our two biggest motivators... And lately Hope has been my motivator.

I took this photo the other day while in the backyard:

It reminds me that Summer is around the corner. BBQ's, swimming in the Pool, hanging out with friends, warm nights, margaritas, vacations, travel, etc... You get the idea.

It's going to be a fabulous summer!!! I know it! Summer has never disappointed me in the past!



Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Will Protect You...

My new painting... This painting is inspired by nature's way of protecting its young... Tall plants protecting short plants from the rough upper environment.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Because it was a Canvas 2-Pack

'Let Yourself Grow' (because you seem to grow the most during tough times)...

and I REALLY didn't want to do taxes :)

New painting today!

I was really in the painting mode on Sunday. Anything to avoid finishing my taxes!!! Argh :( As I go through all of my receipts from last year I realized that I bought a bunch of crap!!! Target accounted for 80% of my spending... Go figure!

Here is my new painting: 'Sunset Poppy'

Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Photos!

After experimenting with the 'through the viewfinder' method I've released a few photos in my shop:

Friday, April 4, 2008

Some info and updates...

Yes, I have changed up my main website again... I have gone back to the basics... Simple format, links, info, etc.

Check it out sometime:

Also, on another note, everything you see in my shops (aside from Photography) is made from recycled objects from my studio... Since loosing my job a few months ago I have had to deal with what I have... No new supplies for awhile! Argh!!! (and I love buying supplies!). Although this SUCKS it has forced me to be more creative and dig deeper into creating things with ever more thought and creativeness.

For instance, my felt flowers... I have an abnormally huge supply of felt, wire, and glue... Hence the flowers:

In looking at the positives, I feel like I have learned quite a few life lessons... Like dealing with what you have - because you most likely have ENOUGH!

Until later,