Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A shop to spend Olive your money!

Every once in awhile I get to chat with fellow etsy sellers and get to know a little about them... It's really such a friendly community and getting to know people sometimes helps you get through your day.

I got to talking to Fallon one day who owns the Etsy shop Olive. We instantly bonded over the often unbearable summers we both have living in the desert. Not too many people know what it feels like to live 3 months in over 100 degree temperatures. It's not for everyone :)

Anyhow - I wanted to share with you some of the items in her shop! These would make excellet Christmas gifts!!! (if any family or friends are reading remember my birthday is coming up - hint, hint).

Perfect for those who love to travel.

A classic!

So go spend 'Olive' your money there :) (I know - so corny)


1 comment:

Fallon said...

Oh tandie, you're totally Awesome :) Thank you for all the sweet words!