Thursday, March 26, 2009


As I get prepare to head out to San Diego to party with one of my dearest friends for her bachelorette festivities, I start to get a little nostalgic...

Ever since I started playing volleyball in the 6th grade my dearest friends have always been my teammates... When I left for college my teammates were my family, my sisters, my friends, my partymates, my wing-women, my classmates, you name it.

As time pushes me farther and farther away from those amazing years I grow to appreciate my experiences of being part of a 'team' more and more. There was something really precious and amazing that we got to experience.

The ups and downs of being student athletes, double days, injuries, trying to study when you live in 'Newport Beach', the parties, the dancing, the cat fights, the list is endless.

All of those experiences I have come to miss dearly as we all get older and settle into our adult lives... So this weekend is extra special to all of us.

Cheers Doris!!! I Look forward to partying like its 1996?!

Tandie #1
Go Anteaters!

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Kirby3131 said...

I was not an athletic gal - I'm still pretty pathetic LOL but when I went to college I lived on the Volleyball players floor. My best friend was a player. She was 6'2" and I was 5'2" - we were so different and I loved her dearly. It was my first time ever being part of a group like that - because the whole team became friends with me - and it was incredibly wonderful.

Thanks for bringing back my own memories!

I hope you have a blast!