Monday, September 29, 2008

Familiar Places...

I recently returned from a trip to the Bay Area and Napa for a dear friend's wedding and wanted to share some photos with you all...

Growing up in Northern California I have seen many of the famous sights hundreds of times. I've tried to not roll down the steep hills of San Fran while at a stop sign in my stick shift Volkswagen bug, I've ridden over and over the roller coaster at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, I've had fresh Clam Chowder in a bread bowl, I've been to Alcatraz, Giants and 49er games, all the things you do when you live near such a glorious area of the world.

I love going back to these familiar places where, when you arrive, you suddenly recognize the smells, colors, breezes, and any other characteristics that have stuck with you over time.

I wanted to capture these characteristics I remembered so well with a camera. You know, the images that are already ingrained in your brain just not on film.

I love looking at something and thinking 'Hey, I remember you!'

and I had to journey to my favorite restaurant of course:

They serve the best German Food and Boots of Beer!!! Yummy :)

Anyhoo - back to sewing for me! I hope this finds everyone well!


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