Friday, April 4, 2008

Some info and updates...

Yes, I have changed up my main website again... I have gone back to the basics... Simple format, links, info, etc.

Check it out sometime:

Also, on another note, everything you see in my shops (aside from Photography) is made from recycled objects from my studio... Since loosing my job a few months ago I have had to deal with what I have... No new supplies for awhile! Argh!!! (and I love buying supplies!). Although this SUCKS it has forced me to be more creative and dig deeper into creating things with ever more thought and creativeness.

For instance, my felt flowers... I have an abnormally huge supply of felt, wire, and glue... Hence the flowers:

In looking at the positives, I feel like I have learned quite a few life lessons... Like dealing with what you have - because you most likely have ENOUGH!

Until later,



julie king said...

tandie, i love your work! but mostly, i admire your "create from nothing" attitude. the work you are doing is very creative and visually appealing. i will be losing my job the end of this month due to a corporate buy-out. i can only hope that i will have it in me to continue to plug away as you are. keep going, girl!

littlebird said...

Well done you, they say neccessity is the mother of invention! The poppies are lovely.

Nesta Usa said...

Thanks Ladies!!! You made my day :)